Maudie’s grows organically, by word of mouth or our own research and we like to reward fruitful suggestions on good homes for this unique little product.

The brick & mortar stores and shops we seek are family or employee-owned establishments or co-ops.  Some of our stores are also gift shops associated with non-profit heritage sites.  Establishments such as yours are a labor of love, existing  due to your hard work and  sustained vision and we want to honor and support you by providing a unique, fairly rare product that the big guys will never have that.   if it werent for you, all we’d have is the sameness of big chains, big box snd online outfits.

If you know of places that you feel would be perfect for maudies, let us know about them or perhaps let them know about us.  We’ll make contact, and they become pat of our family,

we’ll send you


We’ve poured everything we could into making Maudis’s a product that will add to your store’s goodwill

We’re a family business supporting other family businesses