Low Cost

Maudie's Scoopers wholesale for $3.50/ea. with an MSRP of $6.99 to $7.99.
Shipping is free for your initial order of 20 or more, which includes our amazing display and a "shelf talker".
An extra scooper is included with each subsequent refill order of 20 or more to help defray your shipping cost.  Maudie's  ship via USPS Priority


No Risk

We're confident that you'll be very pleased.  However, if, at the at the end of your first calendar year, you are unsatisfied, we will buy back any unsold Maudie's Scoopers provided you also return the display. We'll provide the box and postage. 

Sells Year Round

Why miss out on sales?  People perceive Maudie's as a great gift item and stocking stuffer, as well as something they want for themselves.  Since it's quite rare, they'll often buy it when they come across it.  
Many stores sell Maudie's throughout the year.   Our Stores & Shops page indicates those that do.  Feel free to contact them via the links to their sites.


Request a Sample

If you'd like a Maudie's Scooper to see and try, let us know, we'll be happy to send you one.  One Maudie's Scooper won't provide the substantial visual & tactile impact of our display filled with all 3 colors, but you'll be able to gauge its feel and effectiveness as a tool.