We're surrounded by countless objects, and don't often stop to imagine what might have gone into creating them.  There's surely a story behind each one, in which the challenges of design, financing, manufacturing and marketing (to name a few) were met.

There's a dividing line running through all those stories though, and it has to do with how and where our things were made.   Actual manufacturing is now predominantly performed overseas, either to maximize profit or as the only way to realize a profit.

Our preference is to make things here in America

Maudie's is the flagship product of Magical Laboratories, Inc.

Our motto is: American made things you've never seen before”

We enjoy doing as much as we can in-house...coming up with ideas and designs, figuring out methods & materials, working with machines,  tinkering with jigs and fixtures and of course, marketing.

When we need components or outside services, we seek them from other US businesses, so as to support, in some small way, the livelihoods of other Americans.

Other interesting things are in the works here, extremely varied in nature, and all things you never will have seen before.  We pour as much feeling as we can into what we make, and our products inevitably have an old-fashioned feel about them.

Magical Laboratories is a small outfit and we wish to support other little guys. We're not interested in conquering mass markets. We will either wholesale to family-scale business or perhaps retail some of our creations via the web ourselves, but will never retail products that we wholesale.



Growing up in a time when one could walk into any number of factories and get a job without much trouble, it's hard to fathom how rare that possibility is today and how in one working lifetime it became so.  As we grow, our goal is to provide meaningful, varied and satisfying work under a profit-sharing model, to folks who like to work with their hands as well as their minds.


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