What is Maudie's?




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Maudie's makes easy work of cleaning stringy pulp from winter squash and pumpkins.
It's as maneuverable as your cupped hand!
Get's 'em clean as a whistle!
Its safe, curved edge is broader and sharper than a spoon's!
There's no useless, pointy end, and no long handle to get in the way!






"You Don't have to sell squash to sell Maudie's"








Pure Americana


Maudie's scoopers and presentation are the ultimate blend of feeling and function. 
The scoopers have branded wooden handles and come in 3 earth-tone colors. They fit and feel great in your hand!
 Maudie's display strikes a  'good-old-days' chord in people, yet it's something they've never seen before!


Our hand-made wooden display is 13” high, 9-1/2' wide and and stands on a surface or can be hung. 








Maudie's is Unavailable to the mass market

It's only found in diverse, independently-owned brick & mortar stores and shops
 Currently 110 locations


"Look What I Found!"

"Where'd you find it?" 

"I Found It At..." 

 Folks will remember where they found their Maudie's scooper!
Built in Exclusivity...
Maudie's availability will be limited to 2000 locations throughout the USA



 Maudie's is just the kind of unexpected treasure people love to discover

there's nothing like it!




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